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Question: How do evidence-based dolphins make decisions?

The EBM Answer: Flipper coin.


Fun Things About i Delfini     EBM Delfini Rondele

Michael Stuart MD

Here's the Masterful President of Delfini & UW Clinical Assistant Professor, enjoying a Seattle-ish afternoon with his (ex-) dog, Moby...(of whom, we find, he could not be master...)

EBM visionary and maestro of education, Mike Stuart (also known in select circles as "Dr. Darling"), is a self-effacing, gentle genius— who refused to give Sheri permission to put up this page — but, since she's the Webmistress, there's nothing he can do about it except cut off the payments to our IP provider. (And Sheri knows he isn't about to do that!) A truly brilliant and fun man, he is also one of the sweetest , most charming people on the planet! Big time!

One of the secrets about Mike that few people know is that he a wordsmith and true poet (he will aggressively deny this). He delights in messing with people's minds (on occasion) with his totally random, rapid-fire and non-stop associations. When he decided to retire from Group Health, he told people it was his dream to just spend time freely-associating — but in truth, only his lovely wife, Linda— who is the only real artist referenced on this page — his knock-out gorgeous and talented daughters, Amy and Vicky (and soon-to-find-out, Amy's new husband, Mark), and the plagued-by-free-associations-Sheri, really know what this actually means.

He has the ability to remember lyrics to billions of songs (some of which need to be forgotten for all time by everybody!) Yet to hear him croon the Teddy Bear's Picnic is one of the sweetest and greatest delights of the universe. He has a delightful ability to coin some very insightful phrases with well-selected suffixes like -ish and -istic, -ism, and -ster and -aceous— as in all things are -istic; as in hungry for a meal becomes, starvaceous; as in the Mobester (see ex-dog above) and, well — the delightful, "delightism."

His accent is Spokanese. Which only a few ears can recognize as such (Sheri's being one). Just listen for the switched short i's and short e's — as in "pin" for "pen" and "melk" for "milk." Coming from his mouth, the name of one of the companies we routinely work with — Sanofi-Synthelabo — will never stop sounding like, Santa Fe. And just ask him to pronounce the name of one of the authors whose studies we occasionally quote — the definitely French, Damoiseau, manages to turn into the Czech-sounding name of "Damescue."

He is becoming quite a chef! The first time he chopped garlic, he left the papers on. He told me he spent hours retrieving the little bits so Linda wouldn't find them, and then still kept finding secret fragments of them months later. He is passionate about all that he eats and relishes every dish set before him. Every meal that he enjoys becomes, "The best meal I've ever had!!!" (Very forward looking, he.) He is a "savory" savorer.

His ancestry used to be Scottish (which Sheri knows to be factually true), but when he started getting into all things Irish, an Irishman he became (citing the legitimacy of being such through an uncle at Trinity — escaped Scotsman, though he be).

He jogs blind as a bat, come rain, rain or rain ('tis Seattle, after all) — and hooray for the polite Seattle drivers for nicely dodging him and letting him continue on unsquished to be a god-send for us all! He'd be pried off the pavement if he lived in beautiful San Diego — home of the scariest drivers Sheri's ever witnessed. ("It's a video game! Or top gun! Or, or, or — hmmm, I guess "insanity" works as a descriptor.)

A true elfster and master of quirkisms and all things delightfully elfish — he's the beautiful, beatific elfin in Delfini.

This Website is actually a tribute to Mike, from Sheri, in recognition of his incredible contributions to humanity, his compassion and humaneness, his wisdom and invaluable insights, his astounding hard work, his leadership which can move health care into a vibrant future — and all that is magical and swell about him. Enough cannot be said.

(And by the way, about Moby — he went into exile when he just couldn't help himself from nibbling on Linda — waaaaay too aggressively, way too hard and way too much! When Mike gets too sassy with Sheri, she asks him, "Are you done pulling a Moby on me?" Thus Moby lives on in Delfini-land. It is just a wee challenging working by phone and email so much, which does result in the occasional Moby-attack, sweet though we may be!)

Mike on his daughter's wedding day...



Sheri Ann Strite

Sheri Strite

Playful-esque creature and EBM Cult-priestess with the wild jewelry (note lei in photo), the seriously deranged Managing Director of Delfini, and ersatz UCSD Associate Director, Program Development for Family Medicine, enjoying a day in Hawaii with her (still) beloved ex- (also named Mike, which creates no end of confusion...much to the delight of impish Sheri)

Although also from the illustrious city of Spokane (isn't THAT a weird coincidence! Mike and I met in Seattle!), happily for her, Sheri did not acquire the Spokane accent (although an occasional Canuck sound pops "oot"). And even Sheri, herself, cannot tell you how, when or why she picked-up "y'all" — nevertheless it does seem a permanent fixture of her diction. (She was once enthusiastically embraced by a man who cried, "Fellah sothenah!") Like one of those mysteries on "Tales of the Unknown," she seems only to live in cities that start with "S" — Spokane, Seattle, San Diego. Syracuse must be next. (If not Sicily, where it looks like her adopted mother might be from.)

Right/left-north/south-date dyslexic, numercy-idiot-yet-logic-idiot-savant, failed novelist (her writings are all wild, weird and evidently "unpublishable" — look out! self-publishing options on the Web!), failed singer (she lost what was once a beautiful soprano voice), opera-fan, sloppy chef extraordinare, mini-anthropologist (well...food, clothes, jewelry, tchotchkes...) and more, she has extensively traveled to most of her favorite places (yet not enough!), butchering at least six different languages around the world.

Her San Diegan home, affectionately nicknamed the "Cajun Cottage" by a dear friend due to its visual cacophony, is her back-up desperado business venture. If Delfini fails (not!) and UCSD cannot cope with her (maybe!), she will be able to throw open her door and have a big sale of ethnic artifacts — mainly Indonesian, Mexican, Afghani and African. A riotous mix...

While she used to be blinder than a bat...or a Mike Stuart...(Lasik surgery — hoorah!), she will not drive in San Diego, let alone walk where pedestrians are a safari-hunting game-sport. 'Nuff said.

She ditched a potentially un-lucrative, yet brilliant career in medieval English, when she realized she would tumble down a rabbit hole with no bottom in sight. (How many people, in their undergraduate year as a junior, proceed to spend a year and a half of intensive time mastering a language that exists in only four poems?! When she got to the point where she was starting to find translators for Middle English articles written in Japanese, she knew she'd gone over the top...er, off the cliff. Insanity was only a tippy-toe step away...if not already well met...)

She loves to dance (weirdly having picked up a Persian-style from her Turkish dancing friend — figure that), and can on occasion be sited from her neighbor's window, spinning madly in her kitchen because her San Diegan home is too tiny for dancing.

Sheri learned oil-painting several years ago on a week-end and has polluted numerous canvases. ("What is your style???" someone once asked). And she is obviously incapable of e-drawing a reasonable dolphinesque dolphin (-esque being her favored suffix — Mike-istic style).

While San Diego has much beauty — and who can't love this warmth and sun! — she is a little homesick and misses trees, rain and birdies — and especially muchisimo beloved friends, like the Mikes!

As to the Cosmic Pony and stray-cat Bodhisattva mentioned on the Delfini FAQ page, these are her pets. Maybe one day she will reveal, on Web, the secrets of the Cosmic (Trickster-god) Pony, but the story behind the Bodhisattva is that she purchased a beautiful Buddha in San Diego long-distance from Seattle (we never claimed she was smart). A bate-and-switch occurred. And a $700 dollar, termite-ridden, Boy-George-esque six foot statue became hers, all hers!!! (The termite is no longer a pet.) Still...it's better than a Moby...

If Mike is the elfin in Delfini — then Sheri must be the remainders, Di. (Hmm. That doesn't work really well. Okay, the id in Delfini? O just forget it...) As Sheri is fond of saying, "All models are wrong."

Sheri feels she is blessed in many things (and feels somewhat ridiculous writing this since she is the one doing the writing — which is instantly recognizable as hers by its wordiness and massive-istic adjectives and parentheticals — ah! so a style after all! And this is the simplification queen!?!? Yeah, well, I never said it came easily!)

So some of the blessings — the best friends on the planet who are family to her; her ex-Mike who is family and beloved always; her gorgeous and insightful step-daughter, Lisa; her sweeter-than-the-universe mom, Nancy; never ex-mother-in-law she loves so, Eileen, and deceased father-in-law, Tom, who was always so good to her; her very beloved deceased dad, Sam (and others); this amazing, rewarding work and the wonderful Dr. Ted Ganiats and her partner, the darling "Dr. Darling," Mike Stuart, without whom she'd never have had the chance to help people in the way she believes she is doing. Other blessings too, but this will do for now. (Fantasies can be very, very lovely indeed, and dreams really can come true.)

And you know, our real value equation is that we want to help people, we want to have fun, we want to give fun, we love, we work, we like to create— we wish to serve. We wish to liberate, illuminate, simplify and inspire (well, maybe not on this page...) And while we are very, very sweet, we do have very wicked senses of humor! Ride on, Cosmic Pony, ride on; Cosmic Pony ole~!

A couple of Sheri's (tamer, more tasteful) paintings...rather crookedly displayed, but here they are nonetheless...

"Pike Place Market Bouquet"
Seattle Washington
Strite Painting: Pike Place Market Bouquet

"Awaiting the Virgin"
Puebla Mexico

Strite Painting: Awaiting the Virgin


And maker of jewelry...as well as mischief...(with pretty Seattle in the background)...

Sheri Strite



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