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The EBM Information Quest: Is it true? Is it useful? Is it usable?

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Delfini Co-founders: Michael E Stuart MD, President & Medical Director . Sheri Ann Strite, Managing Director & Principal

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Critical Appraisal of the Medical Literature for Therapies

September 19 & 20, 2019 ~ Portland, Oregon

"It was fantastic, Sheri. I learned so much! I feel newly energized in my work. Thank you." 2016 Program Participant

"I learned so much from you and came away with such valuable tools that I'm already applying to the content review that is the foundation of my job." 2016 Program Participant

"Sheri and Mike, thank you again for a great experience. I truly learned a lot and had so much fun." 2013 Program Participant

"Just wanted to share with you again how much I enjoyed and learned from the workshop. It is an awesome program!" 2013 Program Participant

Delfini average training program scores are 4.8 out of 5.0.

  • Or we come to us.
  • Additional Topics: In addition to evidence review & synthesis training, we hold workshops on—
    • The Evidence-based Organization
    • Conducting systematic reviews and developing drug monographs and medical technology assessments training & services
    • Evidence-based clinical improvement projects training & facilitation
    • Clinical guideline development methods training & facilitation
    • Clinician/patient communications
  • Other Services include evidence reviews, committee help (P&T, medical technology assessment, quality improvement teams, etc.), clinical guideliines, evidence-based quality improvement project facilitation and more.

Advanced Seminar Testimonial
"Two thumbs up for Delfini !! The recent EBM refresher and advanced EBM training they provided to over 40 McKesson content development clinicians received great reviews from our whole team. The refresher reinforced the expertise we have developed in applying the principles of critical appraisal to our clinical content development since we first started working with Delfini four years ago. Sheri and Mike’s ability to explain complex concepts in an easy to understand and conversational manner produced multiple “aha” moments for our team. Warm thoughts and wishes, Kate"
Kate Flanagan-Helmes, Director, Clinical Development, InterQual Products

Basics For Evaluating Medical Research Studies:
A Simplified Approach

And Why Your Patients Need You To Know This 

Delfini Group Evidence-based Practice Series
Short How-to Guide Book

Delfini Group Publishing

"Best help with evidence-based medicine available."
Marty Gabica, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Healthwise

This book is about how to evaluate the reliability and clinical usefulness of clinical trials. Written for physicians and other health care professionals, this book is written in easy-to-understand terms that even the layperson can understand and put to use. Now available for purchase.


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About us

Delfini is a public service entrepreneurship founded to help solve the little known societal problem of medical misinformation which frequently results from lack of awareness and skills in the conduct and reporting of research and in evaluating scientific information. We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations learn and apply the concepts, methods, processes, skills and tools of evidence- and value-based clinical improvement to achieve improved medical decision-making, outcomes and value. More about us, including freely available tools and information, is at our website at


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"...impressive.... terrific conference... impressive tools... already using in real life... valuable, fun, memorable... made hard stuff easy to understand... helped us change... real success... improved patient care... invaluable..."

"...two outstanding presenters... made my job easier... amazing to see the change in only 2 days... superb teachers..."

And Roses

"...inspiring to our staff... people are raving about your training..."

"...will become immediately embedded in our strategies... will utilize the tools... more worthwhile 2 days than any week-long program I've attended... spectacular!..."

"...highly applicable... other courses and seminars covered much but left me with little... Delfini's was comprehensive and practical... superbly taught... rich with information... drove home key concepts... able to apply... tool easily incorporated into practice... my highest recommendation... Delfini offers something quite unique..."

And Roses

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