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Join us in the stunning, lively, quirky, beautiful and friendly Rose City—Portland, Oregon—for two-day seminars of learning and scintillating discussion about key issues in evidence- and value-based clinical improvement activities.


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Critical Appraisal of the Medical Literature for Therapies
Selected Topics
Dates & Location to be determined

Join us and improve your critical appraisal skills. Without highly developed critical appraisal skills, the quality of studies tends to look “OK.” In fact, there is a world of difference between “knowing the evidence” and knowing which evidence is valid & clinically useful and which is not. We aim to make critical appraisal of the medical literature meaningful, useful, simple and doable...

This 2-day program includes basics and more advanced topics. This program will be particularly helpful to those who routinely evaluate the medical literature.

Teaching methods include mini-lectures, exercises (includes critical appraisal exercises), discussions, Q&A sessions. 

"I have been meaning to thank you and Mike for all of the training and insight that you have given me. It really has made a huge difference in my professional life. For example, this summer I tackled an important safety debate. It took me many hours, but at the end of the day, I concluded that we, as a company, needed to make new recommendations. Without my Delfini training, I would have never had the confidence, nor been able to develop a convincing case. I know sometimes the jaded medical world may feel that evidence-based medicine and critical evaluations are nice academic exercises that rarely, if ever, influence member safety. We know that this is not the case. Keep carrying the banner of enlightenment in 2011! Your workshops help re-ignite for many the real reason they got involved in pharmacy and medicine in the first place. We definitely can make a difference..." Name Held in Confidence

About the Venue

  • To be determined


Topics Made Understandable & Time Saving Tips include—

  • Highlights of the Essentials of Critical Appraisal—The 5 "A"s of Evidence-based Practice
    • The 3 Basic Steps of Critical Appraisal
    • Assessing the 4 Phases of Primary Studies for Bias, Confounding & Chance:
      1. Subject Selection
      2. Study Performance
      3. Attrition
      4. Assessment
    • Meaningful Clinical Benefit
    • Evidence Grading
  • Composite Endpoints
  • Selected Analysis Issues
  • Time-to-Event Analysis (Survival Curves)
  • Interpreting Forest Plots
  • Understanding & Applying Confidence Intervals
  • Safety Issues
  • Evaluating Comparative Study Designs
  • Cross-over Designs
  • Working with Secondary Studies & Sources


Fast Facts & Fine Print

This is a no-frills *keep-it-simple* program:

  1. Fast Facts & Fine Print

    This is a no-frills *keep-it-simple* program:

    1. Continuing education credit will be available for pharmacists in the States of Montana, Oregon and Washington at a minimum.
    2. For those of other professions or in other states, no continuing education credit is offered (we are happy to explore this with you)—but you will receive valuable, practical information and learn key skills which will improve your ability to evaluate studies and perform professionally.
    3. You are on your own for meals and beverages; great choices abound. This is a foodie city. We will give you great tips!
    4. We have no sleeping rooms booked, but highly recommend the beautiful RiverPlace Hotel.
    5. Registration fees are not available by day. This is a total package.
    6. Select handouts and tools will be provided.

Dates & Times

  • To be determined


  • To be determined

Registration & Payment

To secure your spot, we need your payment and the following information which can be mailed or emailed to us:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Mailing Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Company
  6. Profession or Student or Other (please specify)
  7. Indicate this is for the CA Seminar
  8. We also recommend waiting to learn if we have sufficient registrants for the event before purchasing plane tickets. We reserve the right to change or cancel the program or program conditions. If the program cancels for any reason, we will refund program registration fees in full.

To Pay

Fees are in US Currency—

  • $500.00—Regular
  • $385.00—Full-time students

You can mail your check, along with the information above, to—

  • Michael Stuart
    6831 31st Ave NE
    Seattle WA USA 98115

Or you can pay by credit card (US Currency will be automatically calculated by PayPal)—be sure to email us the above registration information items.

Student rates are available to full-time students and are only available by choosing the Student Rate at the time of payment.

Registration Fees
We will confirm your registration by return email. If you have not heard from us within 7 business days, please contact us.


Refunds must be requested in writing to Dr. Stuart at the above address or by email to . Refunds will be by check only and mailed to the registration mailing address.

Refund Schedule

  • Full refund, less $100 non-refundable, upon our receipt of your request 3 months prior to the seminar.
  • Fifty percent refund, upon our receipt of your request 2 months prior to the seminar.
  • No refund after 1 month prior to the seminar.
  • We reserve the right to change or cancel the program or program conditions. If the program cancels for any reason, we will refund program registration fees in full.


  • Any payment information between us is confidential.


Schmooze With Us

EBM Sheri Ann StriteEBM Michael Stuart MD

The Delfini: Sheri Ann Strite  &  Michael E. Stuart MD

We will arrange for a "Sips & Schmooze" social following the seminar on Day 1. This will be a no host event.


About Portland, Oregon


And some fun things about Portland:

Public Transportation including Airport to Downtown

TriMet for EBM Program

Recommended Towncar (We love Mo!)

Ace Towncar
Mr. Mo Ramezani


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Critical Appraisal of the
Medical Literature for Therapies
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About us

Delfini Group
Delfini is a public service entrepreneurship founded to help solve the little known societal problem of medical misinformation which frequently results from lack of awareness and skills in the conduct and reporting of research and in evaluating scientific information. We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations learn and apply the concepts, methods, processes, skills and tools of evidence- and value-based clinical improvement to achieve improved medical decision-making, outcomes and value. More about us, including freely available tools and information, is at our website at



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The Magnificent RiverPlace Hotel: Recommended for sleeping rooms

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"...impressive.... terrific conference... impressive tools... already using in real life... valuable, fun, memorable... made hard stuff easy to understand... helped us change... real success... improved patient care... invaluable..."

Delfini average training program scores are 4.8 out of 5.0

"...two outstanding presenters... made my job easier... amazing to see the change in only 2 days... superb teachers..."

"...inspiring to our staff... people are raving about your training..."

"...will become immediately embedded in our strategies... will utilize the tools... more worthwhile 2 days than any week-long program I've attended... spectacular!..."

"...highly applicable... other courses and seminars covered much but left me with little... Delfini's was comprehensive and practical... superbly taught... rich with information... drove home key concepts... able to apply... tool easily incorporated into practice... my highest recommendation... Delfini offers something quite unique..."

EBM Location

Sleeping Room at RiverPlace Hotel

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The Entrance to the Beautiful
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Evidence-based Medicine Social Site

"It has been six months since the Delfini Group customized an evidence-based training program to help us change our processes for drug reviews. We have already experienced real success which we expect to be sustainable and which will improve the care we provide to our patients and our ability to use our resources optimally. The concepts and skills learned in the training—along with the tools and process steps—were invaluable to us and have helped us transform our system. Highly recommended!"

David Holloway, MD






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