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Whether you are a pharmacy leader or someone with an interest in compelling stories and information about healthcare quality improvement, we have something to interest you.

Here you will find free online resources and engaging interviews to help enhance medical leadership in achieving clinical health care quality.

We also provide services and free online resources for evidence-based medicine (EBM), evidence-based practice (EBP) and all aspects of clinical healthcare quality improvement at

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Leading Clinical Healthcare Quality Improvement
Our goal is to provide you with help to foster excellence in clinical pharmacy leadership specifically geared toward improving health care quality. We will provide you with resources, tools and interesting information, and we will regularly interview traditional and untraditional pharmacy leaders — both formal and informal — for their ideas about clinical care quality. Sign up here to participate in our email update service alerting you to new information on <pharmacy leaders . org> or email sstrite (at)

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We are just beginning to grow these resources. Let us know your own favorites.

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From Other Sites

  • Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education Resources
    A nice list of links to associations, councils, societies — that sort of thing
  • American Society of Consultant Pharmacist Links
    * Long-Term Care, Geriatrics, Aging Sites
    * National Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Associations
    * State/Regional Pharmacy Associations
    * Medical & Health-Related Information
  • Pharmacy Links
    An assortment of some useful general resources, but caution is urged when using medical information sources for interventions without critically appraising them


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Pharmacist Leader Resources & Information to Help Enhance Clinical Healthcare Quality Improvement & More for Pharmacy Leadership