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Because we are fun, some fun things! Because we are caring, some meaningful ones too...

Our P & T Committee
The Delfini Party & Tea Committee is composed of—
Mike Stuart MD & Sheri Strite

Greece • associated with...

  • Freedom, which we value so highly
  • Allopathic medicine, where we got our start
  • Beauty and learning, philosophy and culture—a hope for and call to our higher selves
  • The good things in life and the belief in the possibility of a golden era that can exist here on this earthly plane...

Delfini • pronounced del-FEEEE'-nee • ancient Greek for dolphins • attendants to Poseidon, Greek god of the sea and deity to sailors and symbolic of calm seas • good omens and harbingers of fair weather • Greek legends tell of dolphins rescuing shipwrecked sailors and aiding them to shore • known for their intelligence, their sociability and their special ability to well as their playfulness...we love dolphins.

When we were searching for an image for our business and a name, I asked Mike what he wanted us to do. He responded, "I want to help people navigate out of chaos." As people of the sea, we looked to the sea for images that would represent what we wanted to be and what we wanted to do. And thus, Delfini was born.

Delfini • We want to help people navigate out of chaos to help create goodness where we can. Our guiding lights are to liberate, illuminate, simplify and inspire...

We are i delfini...

Delfini Group is a public service entrepreneurship founded to help solve the little known societal problem of medical misinformation which frequently results from lack of awareness and skills in the conduct and reporting of research and in evaluating scientific information. Delfini is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations learn and apply the concepts, methods, processes, skills and tools of evidence- and value-based clinical improvement to make practice change and achieve improved medical decision-making, outcomes and value.


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